We craft custom web and mobile apps harnessing the latest technologies and frameworks, including PHP, Node, React, Swift, Android, and more.

We develop bespoke internal-use applications tailored to your specific needs, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.

We engineer personalized client-facing applications that captivate, engage, impress and allows connecting with the audience.

We specialise in seamless integrations, connecting your systems and applications, ensuring smooth data flow to enhance efficiency and productivity.

We offer efficient data collection tools, including forms, mobile apps, and timesheets, to streamline data gathering and ensure accuracy for your business.

We excel in setting up databases and data lakes, enabling efficient data organization, storage, and access for actionable insights and informed decision-making.

We specialize in automation solutions that optimize processes, saving you time and resources while enhancing efficiency for your core business objectives.

" Things cannot go wrong with this team. My experience in working with Actiknow was beyond my expectations. The project was complicated in nature and required a lot of work on the analysis and the customisations. "
Client Testimonial

" Things cannot go wrong with this team. My experience in working with Actiknow was beyond my expectations. The project was complicated in nature and required a lot of work on the analysis and the customisations. "
Client Testimonial

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People Assay People

Meet our cutting-edge appraisal feedback platform, revolutionizing performance assessments for companies. Our product seamlessly facilitates online 180 and 360-degree feedback, providing a comprehensive evaluation experience.

With user-friendly interfaces, it empowers organizations to conduct assessments efficiently, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. What sets us apart is our advanced analytics engine that categorizes scores across diverse rater groups. Delving into individual competencies, our platform not only offers a granular view of employee performance but also enables a holistic comparison by benchmarking individual ratings against the company average. Elevate your feedback process with our product, driving informed decisions and promoting professional development across your workforce.

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PMA stands as the comprehensive management solution for agencies, offering an end-to-end suite of tools to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Embrace an efficient Kanban-style Task Management system, coupled with robust IT Project Management that includes Milestones and Tasks. Simplify HR processes with integrated Leave Management, Timesheets, and Allocation features.

Kanban style Task Management

IT project Management including Milestones & Tasks

Leave Management

Timesheets and Allocation

Employee Profiles and Data

Advanced Revenue and Payment Tracking

Attendance Through Access Control

Connectors Connectors

Elevate your data analytics game with our robust data connectors, seamlessly integrating information from diverse platforms like Facebook, Shopify, HubSpot, and more into Google Looker Studio.

Unleashing the power of custom scripts, we go beyond, effortlessly fetching data from Google Ads, Weather API, Zoho, Xero, Stripe, Recurly, Zendesk, LinkedIn, Monday, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and others. Our versatile solution extends to leading cloud destinations, ensuring a smooth flow of insights into GCP, Redshift, BigQuery, and beyond. Experience a unified approach to data integration, propelling your analytics to new heights across an expansive spectrum of sources and destinations.

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Site Audits Site

Our versatile platform, comprising a web app and a mobile app, empowers field teams to conduct audits in diverse industries, including hotels, ATMs, showrooms, fire safety, vehicle inspections, and property assessments.

Offering customizable assessments, companies can define audit questions and set compulsory criteria, providing adaptability. Users can capture geotagged images for enhanced security. Additionally, feedback from audit responses seamlessly integrates with ticketing systems, streamlining the creation of tickets for identified issues. Elevate your auditing processes with our user-friendly platform, tailored for efficiency and adaptability across a broad spectrum of use cases, including property inspections.