Why Mobile Apps are the Future of Primary Data Collection?

Posted by: Karman Singh Comments: One Comment 1 Post Date: June 15, 2022

Primary data collection, by the very definition of it, requires interaction between the respondent and the surveyor. Collection and recording of primary data have been among the most expensive activities that one undertakes to collect data, and is also one of the biggest bottlenecks related to gathering clean, usable and analyzable data.

Putting in place mobile solutions can ensure that the data gathered is clean, immediately usable and does not require any effort in data entry.

No cleaning, no repetition – Since data is collected in real-time, it enables analyzing of how much data is collected and how many users have submitted data.

Simple consolidation – When mobile apps extract data from users, it is instantly moved to the database which clears the path for instant data analysis.

Error free data – Checks and balances with controls built into the app ensure that complete and correct data is being captured.

Audit trails – GIS and GPS make it easy to include maps and identify the source from where data is being collected. This plays an important role in further analysis of data.

Videos/Images etc. – With mobile applications, it is easier to capture data that is related to the original information such as an audio, image, or video.

Mobile Survey

Economical – The process is highly economical as launching a mobile application these days is a cost-effective process.

How Actiknow has solved this problem:

STORE AUDITS – Lots of franchisees and brand stores need to adhere to brand standards. Even ATMs need to follow government regulations at the physical location and therefore audits are conducted. These audits are carried out by teams that enter data on a mobile app which captures information in form of texts and images among other things, e.g. the location time and prevents fraudulent entries.

HOME INSPECTIONS – Home inspections are carried out to understand repair or purchase value of a house and typically require inspectors to make comments about different areas within the home and include pictures to substantiate their claims. With geo-tagged images, this has become super easy.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – Restaurants, stores and all major customer facing businesses thrive on feedback. But most of this paper feedback is underutilized and incurs huge cost to get analyzed. Using mobile apps, many restaurants, clinics etc. have changed the way they collect customer feedback.

Anyone who uses paper forms to capture data repeatedly can use this solution which only takes seconds to setup.

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