Google Looker Studio is a powerful business intelligence tool that empowers users to create customized reports and dashboards with live connections to multiple data sources. With the integration of our Shopify connector, you can now effortlessly retrieve data from your Shopify account in just two minutes. The process is both simple and intuitive, enabling you to quickly generate tailored reports based on your unique requirements. Our data collection capabilities extend to a wide range of relevant metrics, including orders and customers, among others.

To get started with using our Shopify connector in Google Looker Studio, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Connect your data securely:

First, you’ll need to authenticate your Shopify account securely. Simply log into Looker Studio, navigate to the data sources tab, create a new data source, and select the Shopify – From Actiknow Connector option.


Step 2: Create data source in Looker Studio:

Once the connector is selected, proceed to create a new data source within Looker Studio. At this stage, you can also add custom fields to the data source as needed.

Step 3: Build Reports:


With the data source created, you’re now ready to start building reports using your Shopify data. Select the dimensions and metrics that suit your needs and preferences to generate custom reports that provide the insights you require.