Actiknow offers all the features for managing the SaaS powered applications

SaaS based products and multi-tenant applications have taken the web by storm. We have delivered many successful SaaS applications and continue to service many more. Understanding your business goals, competitive advantages, user tasks and information design are the first steps in designing SaaS. We start by talking to stakeholders and users to learn more about business requirements and user behaviors and needs. This forms the core of our “User-First” development methodology.

We have also developed and own the IP to a few applications that are deployed on client specific instances. If any of these interest you, or if you want to develop your own multi-tenant application, please reach out to us.

How Actiknow serves as a platform for distributing and managing your SaaS App/Software?

Experience the detailed functionalities of RackNap for SaaS providers.

It is a cloud-based digital workforce that enables customer interaction teams to automate customer interactions intelligently over a chatbot. It has a web-based chat engine that can be embedded on your website or hosted as a completely standalone application.


It is an on the spot anonymous feedback solution to capture candid and honest feedback from patients. Since patients give their experience feedback, it captures more accurate feedback and has a real-time moving dashboard for various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Live Audit is intended to transform the audit process for ATMs and Kiosks undertaken by field service teams and to bring reliability in the audit process. It will also help in bringing accountability within the service teams and allow auditors to conduct audits easily and quickly (in 3 to 5 min).

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