Timesheet App for Enterprise

Timesheet App for Enterprise

Timesheet work management solutions tool is an easy and powerful time tracking software that enables top management and team managers to drive performance, manage, and plan employee time with ease. It allows generating detailed reports based on the recorded time such as specification of time, client, user, service type, (bills or project control and cost calculation).

1. Manage projects, understand employee availability, and make smarter management decisions.

2. Create and manage projects, clients and finances and allocated them to various departments and teams.

3. Manage User roles: This includes displaying a list of the roles for accessing the application. Admin has the ability to create custom roles.

4. Web dashboard to view daily project allots, billable time to charge customers among many more features.

5. Timesheet reports at employee level, client level, reporting manager level and group level. Reports for approvals and payroll.

6. Creating estimates and invoices based on the time spent working.

7. Gain new insights into your organization via built-in and customized dashboards for your team.