Inventory Management System with Event Calendar

This web based app was created for a leading food company specialized in sourcing food and non-food products in Europe. The interactive dashboard and widgets were customized as per the analyst/admin requirements.

The panel supports the buying activities by providing insights into Market developments, Raw Materials information and ad hoc research needed by the buying team. It generates various reports (in PowerPoint) that can be used to plan Project strategy with the Partners.

This system was a structured panel that enables client to smoothly manage inventory and easily share the information accumulated with stakeholders.

1. Streamline buying activities and provides insights on Inventory management

2. Generate various reports to facilitate management in order to direct access to information.

3. Provide a personalized dashboard for Raw Materials/category wise information based on inputs selected by user.

4. Shows collaboration tools like calendars, notes annotation, to do’s between internal stakeholders.

5. Users can create and manage cost/price breakdown and Raw Materials profiles.

6. Store and integrate data inorder to have a better overview of product availability and render information as per requirement.

7. RSS feeds section to display relevant information and trending information across digital platform