Sales & Inventory Forecasting Web Application

An easy to use web application to forecast Sales and Inventory which helps clients in future ordering. The dashboard has sections to view Sales, Inventory, Orders at a glance or based on custom date range filled by the user. Sales forecasting was designed based on various elements such as Seasonality, Item growth index, Q factor and Promotion. It forecasts the inventory, sales and provides recommended order while generating forecast orders, MPOs and POs. It tracks inventory, purchase orders, sales, stocks and generates recommended order for creating respective purchase orders. The system has a scheduler to update inventory on the basis of sales data upload and received purchase orders.

1. Module to set the warehouses, factories, clients/channels of sale, etc. It also includes setup of ports and products which are solid assets.

2. Admin can keep track of purchase, open orders and available stock and manage user access privileges.

3. Executive dashboard interface that depicts historical data report on sales & inventory over time and forecasted sales vs actual sales (for historical time period).

4. Forecasting engine, viewing the future inventory and generating recommended orders.

5. Create desired charts using any number of filters on date/vendor/products etc.

6. Data validation check and Import/Export features.