Integrated Cloud Service with Automation

This comprehensive management system involves creation of a front-end chatbox and a back-end panel for admin to gather insights and update system information. This chatbox system receives ticket-id and responds to the user automatically. This application was developed to optimize and speed up the collaboration between technicians to resolve any ATM glitch. Back-end database was built on MySQL and Core PHP MVC. Besides, the client required this platform to be available for technicians and company users from all over the India.

1. Uses artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via textual methods.

2. Application is designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.

3. Admin section to view user interaction reports in graphical representation.

4. In ChatBot and admin can manage all logical flow.

5.  Designed system and database structure to communicate with human and provide best response.

6. Admin interface has functionality to they can manage/edit all the logic of the ChatBot.