Auction Platform for Real Estate Business

CSV2 is a web based application designed with the primary objective to optimize and automate the Real Estate Business. Customization and standards are set as per the ClearSale’s business requirements. It provides solutions for interconnected business processes, maintaining information of property details, pricing, price history, marketing images, availability status, auction & bidding. It carried out the Investment and Revenue management by providing different level of internal calculation based on pre-defined business standards of ClearSale.
One of the key feature of CSV2 is to organize diverse property data with their comparable into handy views, so that buyers could easily view and compare all housing parameters.
Other features include automate and better organize many of daily tasks performed by different level of employees of ClearSale and, therefore, reduce time and cost of carrying out these activities manually. When it comes to contributing in automation of marketing many digital marketing campaigns like Referral, Personalized URL work as an in-built feature of this application.

  1. Managing Business Momentum by providing end to end solution of Real -Estate Business.
  2. Not only automated the buy-sell operations but also handling all the complex interactions among the Stakeholders.
  3. Operating the huge databases of Buyers, Sellers, Real-Estate Agents and properties.
  4. Handling a lengthy process of searching, selecting and completing the property deals and Bidding.
  5. Most of the processes are automated to keep track of all the contacts, E-mails, Property details and documents.
  6. Investment Management Solution (Revenue generation by Buy-Sell).
  7. Fetching vast data about the properties from other sources like Zillow, Podio and MLS.
  8. Reporting and generating various PDF for seller presentation.
  9. Executive and User Level Tracking and performance analysis of employees.
  10. Optimized marketing campaigning by providing the solution for Referral and Personalized URL for each sellers.
  11. Mobile Application solution for iOS and Andriod App Users with Live chat features and Facebook Link.