Survey App

This application was created for Android and iOS platform with a web dashboard. It enables users to submit their tobacco consumption details on a daily basis. The web app developed consists of a dashboard that had the capability to manage & gather the information required by the team. An option to export all the survey data in an Excel and PDF format is also given. “Multiple user groups” option is also provided in the application where different user group have access to different surveys.

1. Has a CodeIgnitor(PHP) based Web Dashboard for User management, viewing all the Survey data.

2. Has a MySQL database to store all the User and Survey details.

3. Application is hosted on client’s personal server running Windows Server 2008.

4. Dashboard has an option to bulk upload all the users at once.

5. An option to export all the survey data in Excel and PDF format is also given in the application.

6. There are multiple User Groups in the application and it behaves differently for each User Group such that the survey is different for each user group.

7. Android application is developed in Android Studio following material design guidelines.

8. iOS application is developed in xCode also following material design guidelines.

9. APIs are developed that allow the apps to communicate with the Database in order to submit the Survey data.

10. APIs developed are fully secured using token based authentication.

11. Daily backup of the data is scheduled in the application as a safeguard to protect the data from any unintentional loss.

12. Users are allowed to fill in their tobacco consumption details at the end of the day.