Golf Course Management Web & Mobile App

The client required a custom golf course management toolkit that would enable the team to manage the Golf games (regular / tournaments) in the course and improve the departments’ efficiency by reducing the manual processes. The created Golf game management toolkit has two parts – Web application and Mobile app for iPads.

Mobile Application is used by Starter to create games, allocate carts and caddies and many more functionalities. App works in Online and Offline modes.

Web Application is designed for back-office to maintain memberships, caddies, carts etc. It has a live dashboard to monitor saved, ongoing and closed games.

1. System store membership, caddies and cart details etc. along with member photo.

2. Membership number/ guest member details (details like name, Email ID and Mobile number can be captured for guests so that based on mobile number, information can be retrieved next time onwards).

3. Tool has a mechanism for various alerts and notifications for timely action by management and starter on the course.

4. The system auto generates and emails daily summary and utilization reports on caddie performance and cart usage.