Social Network Analysis using Tableau

The client, based in USA, required us to do reporting for a marketing platform which can give them general overview of the performance and monitor the factors responsible for variations in performance. Our team authenticated and fetched relevant data tables from Amazon Redshift account and analysed the important KPIs in Tableau Dashboard.

  1. Fully functional reports were generated as per the client requirements in the limited time period.
  2. FacebookLikes, Comments, Shares, Reach, No. of posts, Impressions(Organic and paid), Engagement rate etc.
  3. Comparing  the amount spent with other KPIs – Cost per like, CPC, CTR, Cost per video view, Cost per thousand impression etc.
  4. Google Analytics Session, Page-views, Bounce rate, Leads, Conversions, Goal-Conversions etc.
  5. Twitter – No. of tweets(Both Organic and paid tweets), Retweets, Impressions, Engagements, Engagement rate, Hashtags, Replies, Followers, etc.