Sales & Marketing dashboard for E-commerce

Our Business Intelligence team designed a BI solution for an e-commerce company based in New York. It includes an interactive dashboard to monitor Sales, Marketing and Operations KPI with real time updates. The data was pulled from Cin7, Pipedrive, Mailchimp and Xero.

  1. One single window for three major areas of the company.
  2. Data was fetched using APIs as Klipfolio did not have inbuilt connectors for all data sources.
  3. To speed up the reports, all heavy aggregations and computations were done at the database level.
  4. Also enabled the client to understand problems with the orders dispatch flow.

Technology used to create a front-end dashboard and fetch external database were Klipfolio BI tool, MySQL and PHP.

Actiknow is one of the leading BI, data visualization and dashboard service provider company across India and USA. We have a strong experience of more than 8 years in developing Operational, Tactical and Strategic dashboards using over 20 BI tools including Tableau, Qlik, Klipfolio, Gecko, Data Studio, Power BI etc.