Inventory and Sales Reporting Dashboard

The system brought together all the stores of a franchisee for reporting. Using connectors with each POS, live sales and inventory data was brought into a central server, which was then used to report live sales for the overall franchise. The system also forecasted sales and inventory, connected to vendors for latest products, managed purchase orders and receiving of purchase orders and alerted franchises when a product was running low on stock. The system also had an algorithm for recommending products to franchises based on what other franchises were selling, how the product was doing at their own franchise etc.

1. Has a .NET based engine to bring data from all franchises to a single server.

2. Has a MySQL database to store all sales and inventory data hosted on AWS.

3. Has different functionality for franchise owner, for franchisees, vendors etc.

4. Has an engine to parse invoices in PDF when receiving inventory.

5. Franchisees can recommend products to others and an algorithm decides the weight of the recommendation before recommending to others.

6. Has a score card that enables franchisees to compare themselves to others with similar store area across various KPIs.