Transform Complicated Data into Business Intelligence

Have you ever longed for a BI solution so flexible that it completely and perfectly fulfills all your business requirements?

ActiKnow helps you achieve just that with robust BI Consulting services. Our team assists you in finding a comprehensive business intelligence solution that lets you understand and analyze critical business data, reduce time and money consumed, and supports you in making informed decisions. With this, we also ensure that you find a solution that fits your industry; i.e. from healthcare to finance, everything is covered.

We are at the forefront of BI technology, providing best-in-class business and industry solutions, such as BI Applications (BI Apps) for quick and cost-effective implementation.

Our Business Intelligence Development includes the following

  • Tableau Services
  • Qlik Services
  • Klipfolio Services
  • Power BI Services
  • Google Data Studio Services

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Why choose Actiknow

Our team contains experienced professionals who have prepared intuitive BI solutions for enabling easy use and efficient working. Our solutions assist clients in enhancing their decision making and increasing predictability in the system. Overall, ActiKnow helps bridge the gap between what is available and what is desired through BI services, and promotes reduced risks and higher throughput.

Business Consulting with Actiknow

Business Intelligence refers to a collection of tools and software that help you turn your raw, complex, and unstructured data into information. This information then supports in better decision making, offers business intelligence reporting functionalities, provisions data mining, enhances performance, and helps in predictive analysis of data.

Further, BI tools pave way for finding information with the help of queries and assists organizations in analyzing data via dashboards, reports, and data visualizations.

Importance of BI Tools in Managing Big Data

ActiKnow offers Big Data analysis and BI Consulting services for enhanced decision making, increased efficiency, optimized processes, and new business opportunities. Here’s how our BI Consulting services help in managing Big Data:

  • Analyzing customer trends
  • Enhancing process visibility
  • Turning data into intelligent information
  • Improving and increasing efficiency
  • Enhancing sales and marketing processes