Which BI tool is best for your business: Tableau/Klipfolio/Power BI/Data Studio?

Today, there are numerous business intelligence services and tools available in the market. These tools help you with data analysis, visualization, and transformation. However, the issue is, when [...]

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Why Mobile Apps are the Future of Primary Data Collection?

Primary data collection, by the very definition of it, requires interaction between the respondent and the surveyor. Collection and recording of primary data have been among the most [...]

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ActiKnow Recognized for Superior Customer Service

Here at ActiKnow, we take pride in our customer’s satisfaction. As a mid-sized Indian software development and business analytics firm, we have the knowledge and resources to successfully [...]

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Importance of BI Tools in Managing Big Data

We are living in the 21st century remarked as Digital age, where we have lots of data for making important and advanced decisions in every business. Every company [...]

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