Business Automation

Actiknow provides customized solutions to companies to improve business outcomes by identifying the potential automation areas and automating those areas. Automation has helped our clients in reducing costs, improving performance, increasing productivity and increasing reliability.

Actiknow focuses on two key areas of automation: Process Automation and Report Automation.

We work with our clients in analyzing workflows, identifying areas that can have well-defined flow charts and creating solutions that implement these flowcharts. These automated solutions increase compliance, reduce errors, enable tracking and seamlessly integrate with the existing organisation processes.

Some examples of the solutions we have designed include Golf Course Management, Health Clinic Management, Finance Process Tracker and Inventory Forecasting and Ordering Systems which have tremendously impacted efficiency in client organisations.

Manual report creation is not only time consuming but error-prone as well. Automation helps companies focus on optimization, data accuracy, faster processing and standardizing business process tasks. We have helped our clients to develop automated solutions which help them significantly in data accuracy and report customization.

Automate your Business's Internal Systems to Save Time

By leveraging the power of a true all-in-one platform, you can automate your team’s most time-consuming, repetitive tasks to bring more flexibility to your business. With Actiknow’s business automation features, you can save time by:

  • Automating your follow-ups with customers and leads and saving hours spent on replying to inquiries one by one.
  • Collecting relevant information in weekly or monthly fulfillment lists to create recurring processes that don’t interrupt your workflow.
  • Bringing all your data into one place so that you never have to spend time pulling it out of multiple systems to get the full picture.

Prepare your Business to Scale

Streamline all of your business’s processes to increase the output of your team as you optimize and improve your processes. By automating your business’s operations, you’ll put your business in a better position to scale and grow faster by:

  • Creating reliable, consistent processes for customer and lead management, making it possible to predict the results of your marketing and sales efforts months in advance.
  • Measuring the outcome each time you change a process so that you can make sure you are continually optimizing for better results.
  • Standardizing the processes and systems that run your business so you can focus on projects that will make a bigger impact.

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