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Here at ActiKnow, we take pride in our customer’s satisfaction. As a mid-sized Indian software development and business analytics firm, we have the knowledge and resources to successfully transform your business strategy. Whether you need your social media presence analyzed, or you need a new website, we are the firm for you.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our perfect 5-star rating on Clutch. These reviews help Clutch analysts determine market leaders by examining a firm’s ability to deliver and expertise in the field. Take a look at our most recent review below:

In our most recent project, we created a series of software development tools for Resultier, a software development firm. During this project we worked in PHP, Angular, React and React Native. In his review with Clutch, Spencer Patterson, the CEO and founder of Resultier praised our work ethic and expertise.

When asked to explain the impact of our engagement, Patterson responded:

 “ActiKnow Consulting Private Limited is very thorough and hardworking. They’ll stay up all night to hit a deadline. I know they’re very well respected in the industry. They produce quality work and always see projects through to completion. Clients fell in love with the logistic tool they created.”

Additionally, Patterson commented:

“They have the unique ability to anticipate your needs and make appropriate suggestions. They’ll build from any recipe they’re given, but if they see a better way of doing something they’ll bring it up”


Take a look at the review’s overview below:


We are very grateful to Spencer Patterson and the Resultier team for conducting a verified review with Clutch. The feedback we receive from our clients is pivotal in our business improvement and enables us to improve our work for our clients.

Still not convinced? Check out our various case studies at our website highlighting past projects and company profile. Additionally, Visual Objects features portfolios of top-performing firms, allowing you to preview their work. Take a look at an example of our data analytics work below:

We would like to thank Clutch for their recognition of our hard work. Since our founding in 2011, we have prioritized our customers and provide only the most satisfactory products. We are your service firm for all things software and data analytics.


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